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About Us

Mosaic Place is an initiative and dream brought about by four women - Amy McHugh and her daughter Ellie, who has special needs, Nicole Krutzke, and Corina Schad who have known Ellie since she was a young girl. They met at The Camphill School, where Nicole and Corina lived and worked as houseparents, therapists, and musicians for many years and where Ellie thrived and blossomed as she went through grade school, high school and their transition program. When Ellie graduated from Camphill, Amy and Bob - her  husband and Ellie’s dad - wanted to create a nurturing environment for Ellie where she could live a meaningful and fulfilling adult life whilst also being able to share her greatest gift, which is her spontaneous, authentic, open hearted, deep, and lasting connection to people. 


Supporting people in connecting authentically to themselves and others is also at the heart of Corina and Nicole’s work as Awakening to Presence coaches. When Bob and Amy asked them if they wanted to embark on this life sharing adventure with Ellie and this unique property with the beautiful gathering space in the barn came along, the vision to create an inclusive community space and events not only for the Camphill alumni and other individuals with disabilities, but for people from all walks of life, was born.


Our vision and mission is to create opportunities for people with special needs, their families, and others to form authentic connections with each other and the broader community through meaningful work, tending the land, sharing crafts, music, workshops, and celebration of nature and the human being.


Our approach is based on the understanding that all human beings are fundamentally whole and we reflect this to each individual by meeting them in their essence wherever they are at, and supporting their unique unfolding. This is beautifully expressed in our name and motto:

“Mosaic Place: Where each individual is a unique piece of a beautiful masterpiece.”

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